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Eight Takes To Great
April 29, 2008, 10:00 pm
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Seemingly Submitted

(Listen to the midday set in its entirety by clicking here)

1) L.E.S Artistes_Santogold


The ever-evolving and fearless pop-punk princess Gwen Stefani paints herself black and releases killer track under the inquisitive alias: Santogold

Meanwhile at the Rossdale residence…

Hubby Gavin sits, gets prettier.

2) U.R.A. Fever_The Kills

I’m not really sure what The Kills are getting at with the “U.R.A. Fever, You Ain’t Born Typical” mantra that dominates this song’s chorus.

But I.B.A. monkey’s uncle if this boy don’t mind its steadfast repetition.

Fevers Unite!

3) Taste_Magik Markers

As tough as it may be, picture if you will, a sensual Sonic Youth.

A dark, dirty lo-fi dissonance that is sexy as all get.

Taste makes me wanna say to hell with pansies who mark with color and party instead with the girls who deal in a little black magik.

Magik Markers that is.

4) One More Hour_Sleater-Kinney

Quite possibly one of the most brilliant, under-rated band of femme fatales of all time.

Pussycat Dolls and The Dixie Chix ain’t got nothin’ on the once formidable Sleater-Kinney.

Except perhaps…fame.

5) When Under Ether_PJ Harvey

Leave it to Miss Harvey to belt convincingly about the power of an old-skool anesthesia trip.

For this track is plum spookity, man.

Spookity in a good ‘make u wanna join in and piss yerself’ kind of way.

But spook none-the-less.

6) Down Boy_Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O say “Down Boy!”

The Midday happily submits.

7) This isn’t it_Giant Drag

Apparently, I prefer most when my women vocalist are ill-disposed to the joys of life, love and the pursuit of any kind of happiness what-so-ever.

7.0.7 The Midday Close

All due senses seek the cast from his lady’s roar.


Download the lot of Seemingly Submitted at the link below:

Eight Takes to Great
March 30, 2008, 8:30 pm
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Heart Falls West

(Listen to in its entirety by clicking here)

1) Bread & Water_Ryan Bingham

I think I just got bamboozled by the Bingster.

For all the handclaps and slide guitar actually makes me wanna form a line and boot-scoot with the shit-kicks.

Problem has it…I don’t dance in no stinking lines.

I’m city folk.

I dance in circles.

2) Fine Line_Little Big Town

Move over Fleetwood Mac, for there is a new poss in town.

They is called Little Big Town.

Adult-Contemporary Radio Beware!

3) Witness to your Life_Lori McKenna

Can I get a witness??

Folktress Lori McKenna leads us to believe, perhaps.

Do watch for this endearing track to be a fresh & welcomed up-and-comer for the ol’ wedding video/music montage.

4) Tear Stained Eye_Son Volt

My funeral outro (for now).

Weep as you must, but do let me get my rest.

5) Wagon Wheel_Old Crow Medicine Show

This month’s set evolved out of my obsession with this track (courtesy o’ Bagolove).

‘Tis refined righteousness this song.

Even my dog’s farts don’t find themselves this pure.

6) Tonight Will Be Fine_Teddy Thompson

A brilliant Leonard Cohen love song.

Best rendered by nobleman Teddy T.

7) The Captain_Kasey Chambers

A voice so hoarse, so earnest and clingy in it’s desperation.

A song so riddled by it’s own beautiful despair.

This cut will always lift me up, no matter how much it brings her down.

And yet she doesn’t even seem to mind.

7.0.6 The Midday Close

May our truths be found when our lies land softly in the mines of country song.


Download the lot of Heart Falls West at the link below: